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Dragoncon 2019 Client Spotlight

The last time I was at Dragoncon, I was a different person. It was 2017 and I didn’t know what I wanted from my life, only that cosplay photography was going to be a part of it, because that was the one thing I was sure about. Two years have passed, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds and I’m thrilled with the present! 2019 has brought a magazine feature, an interview, and clients from around the globe I feel so privileged to have worked with - I can’t wait to see what else is in store! This Dragoncon was a refreshing and grounding experience to have with my camera and the path I’ve chosen to go with it.

Being in Atlanta again was a whirlwind, as is every con lately, it seems; but that’s not a bad thing. Shooting cosplay has become half of my photography career, and a busy weekend is good news! And a busy weekend it was. Well, more like four days. Dragoncon…I forget how nuts you are. The partying was a bit out of my realm after each day of shooting, though I did manage to go out for one night and had a blast with friends while in cosplay. Overall it was a very successful, if not exhausting weekend.

Traipsing through the semi-familiar streets of Downtown Atlanta, I was pleased to find that I saw things differently than I did two years ago. I noticed my eye had changed. I looked at everything differently, looked for harsher shadows or dappled light. I posed my subjects more confidently and bravely. I got to play a little bit with new techniques, and indulge in the moodier, richer side of what I think is a turning point in my work. And lastly and most importantly, I got to work with another amazing collection of people from all around the globe. Toronto, London, Australia…Dragoncon brings cosplayers from all over the world, and I’m stoked I got to work with them.

You know the drill by now - scroll down for the pretty pictures of the awesome people. If you’d like to book me, I shoot on-location in Boston and NYC, and I’ll be at Colossalcon East, Anime NYC, Anime USA, and Holiday Matsuri in the remainder of 2019. You can read about working with me and see when booking opens for those cons here.

You’ve seen this goddess many a time in my spotlights - Alexis (sakythia) is my muse. Her Paya cosplay is perfect as is she. Guys, i love this girl so much. Watching her grow over the years as a cosplayer and person has been amazing to witness  behind and outside of the lens.

You’ll see these two throughout the spotlight, as they’re the unsung heroes of the cosplay world - Amy and Crystina, the owners of Arda Wigs! We had several shoots throughout the weekend showcasing their work. Here they are in their Good Omens cosplays together!

AmieDoubleD was so awesome to meet and work with. She’s a badass female engineer who trailblazes the tech industry with her innovative ideas, and I was stoked to work with her in her Vincent cosplay!

Guys…getting to meet and work with poisonne was amazing. They are a highly experienced model and professional latex designer; this cosplay is made completely of latex with techniques they pioneered themselves. We had a ton of fun with this dramatic lighting, and posing them was like a dream. Bre, you rock!

SartorialJutsu in her Suki cosplay was something else - she hAND SPUN all this yarn. The vibrant texture  and dimension it gave the costume was unprecedented and showed her love for the character truly.

Natasha and Dustin (sewcialistrevolution on IG) were the most amazing Jareth and Sarah. Their couples cosplays are beautifully constructed and they’re both so dedicated to getting the right shot. I absolutely loved working with them for the first time and hope it isn’t the last. These two are special.

el3phantbird’s prosthetic craftsmanship on this was outstanding! And I loved her intense expressions she was serving the camera.

Chewybreadcosplay lookin handsome and relaxed under a tree! Eli is a great guy and talented cosplayer, give him a follow! His smile is contagious.

RamenkingandI in her amaaaazing Arcticuno warrior! Some of the icicles  you see on her costume are made by meticulously dragging hot glue and waiting for it to dry in place.

I always am  happy when I get to work with Lyddidesigns. Lydia has booked me for years now, ranging from things like Sailor Moon to Princess Peach, but I gotta say, she really outdid herself with this Game of Thrones cosplay. Hand-tooled leather and meticulously sourced fabrics make up her gorgeous costume.

Lauren (xaretsayax) is a joy. A total bundle of British joy. Just look at her adorable Jester cosplay lighting up the entirety of Atlanta~

The light was a rich and moody godsend to me and Amy of Arda Wigs during this shoot. Here she is in her original design she recently wore to the Labyrinth event in Las Vegas!

Starbuck.Cosplay is regal and lovely - It was a pleasure getting to work with her for the first time. She was patient and easy to pose. I loved that wig!

Amy and Crystina in their Good Omens Roman cosplays were so soft and tender in front of these pillars at Hardy Ivy. I am seriously so happy with all the shippy stuff I got to shoot this weekend. Cosplay ships are my favorite, and bonus points if you’re an IRL couple! These two were TOO CUTE. I kept yelling that at them aggressively.

Rin is such an expressive Nott from Critical Role. And their makeup was sooo on point! Follow them on ig @ thesmollestnerd

These four INSANELY talented BABES are ivorivet, knit_freak, art_o_fia, and pearlybaecosplay; they’re all cosplaying from the book series The Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo. These four friends adore these characters and were seriously having the most fun I’ve ever witnessed a group have together. This is what cosplay is about . Having fun. Love y’all!

Lastly, had to sneak in this portrait of art_o_fia in her Grishaverse cosplay. The light was too good to not post it here. ;)

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