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Colossalcon 2019 Client Spotlight & Review

Colossalcon always felt like a wild cosphotography fantasy to me for years AND YEARS. Each time it would come and go, I’d stare in wonder and envy at these photographs taken in a dusky golden field with soft grasses and long unobtrusive horizons dotted with trees. It looked like everything I ever sought in my own location shoots, but wrapped up in a convention weekend with fun, waterparks, and lots of partying. Well, dang it, I was tired of pining!

It was finally time to make that happen for myself! So I hopped a plane to Ohio from Boston and ended up having the absolute time of my life. Oh, and I def used it as an excuse to party hard because my birthday was earlier that week. Treat yo self. (Spoiler: I did. It was worth it)

I went easy on bookings this time around (though anything feels easy compared to my 25 shoot weekend at Katsucon, oops) and went with the intention to place emphasis on FUN rather than WORK. When you’ve been going to cons as long as I have for JUST work (9 years…) it’s a hard thing to rewire my brain to do. I could have booked more but I told myself I wanted to give con life a try… and boy did it not disappoint.

The rooming situation was rad. I shared a suite with a group of wonderful, talented, supportive girls who mostly all Colossalcon veterans and showed me the ropes…plus they knew how to throw a rad room party to boot. Rooming with them was a dream! It’s always nice when your con rooming situations are secure and peaceful so you can focus on having fun.

I was the first to arrive on Wednesday night at the Kalahari in our giant suite, and the first thing I did after a gross flight was dunk myself in the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. We’re off to a good start. I wish I had more to tell you but that was essentially it before I plotzed into bed. To be honest I was feeling pretty anxious about Colossalcon; it’s been four years since I’ve been to a new con and I’ve become so used to knowing the ropes that approaching a new landscape felt intimidating. Would I do it justice? What if it rains (spoiler: it really rained) or there arent a lot of spots to shoot? All I’ve seen in the past were the fields and the pool–but Thursday morning I woke up and scouted around to prep myself for the weekend, and the more I saw, the more jazzed I became. There were definitely a lot of fun, unique framing opportunities I could use to make the images my own. Don’t get me wrong. There are still plenty of Ye Olde Colossalcon Field photos, because I didn’t come all the way out here to not do that. But other than that, I’m quite happy with the weekend’s shots!!

ON TOP OF ALL THAT, I COSPLAYED MY BEST BOY WITH SOME RAD PEOPLE!! I am still GLOWING from this and it happened a WHOLE WEEK ago…I can’t believe I got to photograph Final Fantasy XII and cosplay at golden hour in the Colossalcon field. If you know me at all you know how much I love FFXII and this! was! a! dream! come! TRUE!!! My heart is so full!!!! It was such a magical time just chilling in this field surrounded by cosplayers and friends, shooting and posing and goofing off. It was so special to me! 

I roomed with new friends, I made some newer friends, I saw some old OLD friends from high school who I cherish so deeply. At night, I partied hard, laughed a lot, sang and danced, and did it all over again for three more days. I finally understand what a post-con depression is…I kind of wish I could just live at Colossalcon, and I know I share that sentiment with others. Y’all, I am definitely coming back. And you’ll see me at Colossal East too, with a Kalahari cup in one hand and a camera in the other.

For now, here are some of my personal favorite “photographer’s choice” images from the con which are just a handful out of my private bookings, plus one or two for-fun shots because I can’t resist photographing FFXII at sunset… Catch me next at Otakon, booking is now OPEN! ONTO THE PHOTOS!

Damn, what a weekend! Thanks for stopping by and go give these folks a follow. Again, I’m booking for Otakon now! Grab me while you can!

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