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Katsucon 2016 - Client Spotlight #3 - East Coast Cosplay Photographer

It’s time for my third client highlight from katsucon 2016! I’ve been a bit slow with editing, since I’ve recently developed tendonitis with all of the shooting and typing at a computer I’ve been doing lately (OOPS? Good thing my bf’s mom is a nurse). However, thanks to some diligent wrapping with Ace bandages and icing it every day, it is starting to feel better! Thanks everyone on IG for the well-wishes.

Up first we have Rose (fuwanfuwanwan om Instagram) as Miss Machera Noir, a Sakizou design. If I could shoot every single Sakizou costume there is, I would be a very happy photographer. Since the roots of my photography stem down to fashion (that was what first brought me to a camera), costumes that are intricate and very detail-oriented like these bring out the best work in me. As photographers we all have our strengths, and these regal costumes are definitely mine. I. Just. Love. Sakizou. Those, and elegant ginjika designs too!

Rose was really amazing to work with. I’m sad I only had a half hour to shoot together, but we will definitely be working together in the future because we both had a really great time! It was just so amazing seeing something like this up close. I believe she put in over 250 hours on this costume. There are just so many endless details, so take a few minutes to soak in this gorgeous piece of art she created. She also gave me a lovely review:

“Riley is so great to work with! I was really nervous since it was my first sort of formal shoot for cosplay, but she was so helpful thinking up poses when I was drawing a blank. She definitely puts her model first. I had a very elaborate costume with limited mobility, and she made sure that none of the poses were uncomfortable or hard to balance with. Sadly I only had a half an hour to shoot with her, but she really used the time to the fullest. She’s also just an incrediblytalented photographer and I can’t praise her enough!”

Following this, we have the beautiful Joyce of SorryContinue Cosplay. She is Mercedes from Odin Sphere. Initially our shoot was scheduled for early Saturday afternoon, but Hello Fire Alarm and Goodbye Hopes and Dreams. However, we still made it work later in the day with some dreamy evening light. I loved the iridescence of her wings. Also, her makeup is on point. Dat highlight–girl, where’d you get that? Cuz I need some. 

Next we have Cheesecake Panda Cosplay and Houkakyou Cosplay and Photography from Lord of the Rings. It was only a brief shoot, but I really enjoyed the teamwork between these two. They were very patient and their craftsmanship was stunning! Houkakyou Cosplay and Photography is also a very talented photog! Like, really talented.

Following this, we have these two very talented French Canadian cosplayers who were absolutely adorable as Ruby (Theo) and Sapphire (Buddy Cosplay & Photography) From Steven Universe. Talk about adorable chemistry! They were so kind and sweet to work with. And they were definitely rad for bracing the cold! It was their first time at Katsu–they took a loooooong bus ride down from Montreal, and said they loved every second of it! 

I’d like to give a special shout-out to GooJunky Photography, I met her while shooting outside in the shrubbery with these two and she was so kind in lending me her two strobes in between her own busy shoots.  I really wish I could have spent more time with her, but hopefully next time I will be able to hang! I really enjoy her work, and can’t get over how generous she was in helping me. Thank you Lisa!

Lastly, we have Star.Drop and Tuu_Guuf on Instagram as Lulu and Akali from League of Legends! What an adorable friendship! They were always encouraging each other and telling the other how cool or badass or adorable they looked. I love that about cosplay pairs and groups! Keep giving each other positive vibes!

That’s all for now. I will be working through the next three shoots that will conclude katsucon for me. Anime Boston is in 9 days, and I’m so so so excited to go back to Boston! I get to show Anthony around my college stomping grounds, and he’s never been, so we have a whole schedule choc-full of fun things like museums, fancy restaurants (PRAISE BE TO GROUPON), cafes, T H R I F TI N G !!!!!!, and of course fun with friends. Really excited for my shoots at AB!!

Also, I am considering doing both PAX East and Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn as they both correspond one weekend after the other; this was initially something I had not considered, because I no longer live in New England, but I’ve had several people email me about Pax and a couple about Matsuri, so if I can get enough shoots booked I might fly up and do that. If anyone is interested, please email me at


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