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Mo Dao Zu Shi at the Yin Yu Tang House | On Location Cosplay Shoot in Salem, MA

 In North America, the only example of historic Chinese vernacular architecture is a hidden gem in Salem. Nestled safely within the arching ceilings of the Peabody Essex Museum, the Yin Yu Tang House is an original sixteen-room home shipped in pieces from it’s village and reassembled there, by only the hands of the architects who specialize in 18th-century Chinese homes. 

I told myself I was taking January off. I lasted three weeks without picking up a camera. Whoops. But when I found this location, I couldn’t resist checking it out with a vision. Zhengxiety and _Kissyuu accompanied me in their MDZS cosplays, and Jjpyropi and Cassdevilcosplay assisted! 

Overall, it was a very humbling and educational experience to explore such a pristine, original piece of Chinese history. The home is immaculate, and on the cloudy (and cold!) winter day, we were lucky enough to play with some moody, thoughtful shadows. In sunnier, warmer weather, the skylight above is opened to let in more light and show off the juxtaposition of the Salem rooftops with its cobbled iconic East Asian silhouette.

This year, I will be making more of an effort to make myself available for location shoots. So, I’ll be opening them on March 1st. They’ll be in the Boston-area, or outside the Greater Boston Area for an upcharge. I place emphasis on those available on weekdays. You can contact me to get the pricing/package PDF. For now, please enjoy this little pet project at this impressive 16-room Chinese home.

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